Enteral Billing Services

Our enteral feeding program includes complete processing of enteral feeding claims.  We are reponsible for the DME Information Forms, collection of the Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Private Pay accounts and the management of the enteral feeding inventory.

Using your Medicare Part B provider number A.I.M.S. will bill on a monthly basis for the services you provide your enteral patients.  A.I.M.S. will be responsible for collecting all of the information and DME Information Forms required for billing.  To insure the fastest possible turn around time, all claims will be filed electronically.  We will file all available co-insurnace claims as well as private pay accounts. A.I.M.S. was created based on the concept of payment by productivity.  This guarantess if we do not collect, you do not pay.  Until you receive the reimbursement our fees are not charged.

The A.I.M.S. Advantage

- We calculate the amount of products required to care for your enteral patients on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. A detailed report will be provided to be used to purchase the products using your current vendor contracts.  If desired, products may be ordered from your vendors by our staff.  Our contract allows you to purchase products from the vendor of your choosing.
- All of the required paperwork and DME Information Forms (DIFs) are our responsiblity to complete.  Your staff will not be responsible for completing the forms and documentation.  Twenty years of experience gives us the knowledge required to effectively process your claims.
- We file all Medicare claims electronically.  Any denials will be resolved by us.  Until maximum reimbursement has been received by you, we will continue to work with the insurance carrires on all outstanding claims. 
- We will file all co-insurance claims and bill any private pay accounts.  Private pay accounts will not be billed until authorized by you.
- Monthly reports are provided to you for accounting purposes.  These reports include Sales Rental Analysis, Cash Receipts, Adjustments and Detailed Accounts Receivable.
- We continually update our clients on new Medicare regulations.  Our clients are sent the information about new products and services that can benefit their business.

- 20 years of Medicare billing expertise
- Electronic filing of Medicare claims
- Medicare co-insurance billing
- Monthly financial reports
- All paperwork completed by our staff
- No fixed administrative expenses
- Dependable monthly cash flow  

Complete Services