Nursing Facility Billing Services

Working with your current facility staff, we will assume the accounts receivables collection procedures of your billing office


The A.I.M.S. Advantage

- Monthly processing of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, Commerial, VA, Managed Care, Hospice and Private Pay claims.
- Old accounts receivalbe: Collection of revenues considered to be "Past Due", "Old", or "Uncollectable".
- Consultation Services: Provide consulation relative to facility structure and management of your current accounts receivable.

- The charge for our services is based on a flat fee per patient day.  This results in the cost of our services being a variable expense verses a fixed monthly expense.
- All money is deposited directly into your accounts.  We only process the claims.  Therefore, you control your cash.
- You will never risk an interruption in cash flow due to loosing and employee.
- You will receive a complete listing of reports to monitor our progress and the strength of your company.
- You are gaining access to our staff of trained long term care medical billing personnel.
- Being specialist, we are at the forefront of current billing issues/changes that effect your industry.  We are continually involved in futhering our knowledge and capabilities through seminars and educational materials.
- The previous mentioned resources make us a cost effective alternative to your current billing practices.  We provide years of experience through one simple fee.