Mid-Month Financial Projections

The Mid-Month Financial Projections report shows the acutal services provided compared to the benchmarks established for each practitioner.  We set benchmarks through an interview process with the practitioner.  The benchmark values are determined based on income goals that the practitioners have set for themselves.  We set an allowalbe variance for each benchmark.  If the allowable variance is exceeded at the middle of the month, the system automatically sends an email notification to the practitioner to login and review the Mid-Month Financial Projections .
The Mid-Month Finanical Projections report provides several other areas of analysis.  The report displays the Mid-Month projected AR based on the actual services provided.  Month end projected revenue is estimated based on the first half of the month.  A detailed breakdown of the procedures provided on each day allows the practitioner to verify that all dates of service have been received by our billing department.